About Phil and Naked Thinking

Phil D’Agostino

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Who is Phil D’Agostino? What is Naked Thinking? Is it a book or a way of life? What can I do if I become a Naked Thinker?

Phil D’Agostino is a man that has spent his entire life learning stuff and teaching other people the stuff he’s learned. He learned some of his stuff getting his science degree, teaching science and using it in the real world where science actually does something. He learned more of his stuff operating a retail, and four service businesses where his skills as a communicator and entrepreneur were put to the test. He learned more of his stuff in graduate school to become a therapist and then traveling all over the USA and Canada teaching others how to use the stuff he learned in their everyday life and world of work. Then he put a lot of the stuff he learned into a book so others can also know the stuff he learned and be more effective and happier doing what they do. That book is called Naked Thinking.

Naked thinking is a book, but it’s also a way of being—of doing things.

Naked thinking is the kind of thinking you can do when you strip away the muddling influence of too much emotion. It’s your best thinking. It’s your clearest thinking. It’s the thinking that stands the test of time and gives you a better chance of doing the best job you can at being effective and being happy. It’s the thinking that makes you a better decision-maker, problem-solver, loving parent, committed partner/spouse, team player or leader. Naked thinking is what gives you results you can live with, even when things do not go as planned. It’s the wall that separates you from decisions that can bring regret.

Okay, that’s enough of me talking about myself in the third person.

Since 1989, I’ve been helping other people put their lives back on track. There are many ways to do that, of course. Interestingly, I found that whether I was working as a therapist, coach, business consultant or educator, it almost always came down to helping people master the same skills for thinking more clearly and then using that clarity to be better at: problem-solving, decision-making, communicating, negotiating and standing up to their own emotions and taking back control over their sense of self. People could step forward with greater confidence in presenting their ideas. They could get more done and be more effective in whatever they were doing. They could become better at the important things in living like being a parent, a partner/spouse, mentor, or just a good person. And, very often, they could even find a way to relieve or overcome their depression and anxieties.

To help as many people as I can, I wrote a lot of it down in an easy to read book titled, Naked Thinking. But just reading the book isn’t enough for many people. They need help with application and ongoing support for making real changes in their lives, so I created the Naked Thinking Training Academy. In this program, people use what I’ve learned over my many years of experience to do more than just know what I know. They get to apply it and practice it over time to make real and effective changes in their lives.

So, if you want to do or achieve any of the following:
• live a less stressed life while lessening your depression or anxiety
• be more confident about presenting your ideas to others at work or in your profession
• make important decisions that allow you to become more financially independent and self-reliant
• better control your anger, being hurt, or how easily you cry
• be a great mom or dad with the kind of patience and demeanor you can be proud of
• grow your network of influence and friends
• feel more willing to take on new challenges and conquer your fear of failure
• be able to assert yourself and live as an equal in any relationship
• teach your children how to make good decisions and not be torn down by bullies

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