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While coaching has many of the same elements as counseling, there are many that are very different. Coaching is a lot like being a conductor of an orchestra. You don’t play the instruments, but you get the best out of each musician possible. You do so by challenging their self-limitations and doubt. You encourage, but you don’t drag them to success. It’s a partnership. It can be an amazing journey, but the success is all yours.

There are many kinds of coaching that can help people. Life coaching can include something like talking to someone that can motivate you to clean your closet or change your wardrobe. That isn’t me. I’m an Executive Life Coach. I help people make executive decisions in their lives and in their work. If you’re:

  • The leader of a company looking to achieve your highest aspirations
  • someone looking at your life and where you are as compared to where you thought you’d be by now and feeling stuck
  • a professional who find yourself increasingly unhappy at work without a clear understanding of why, or what to do about it
  • someone who has made a decision to leave your current job, but do not know to what, or how or when to do it
  • feeling a lack of self-confidence and looking for a way to speak up for yourself better or contribute more of what you know you can
  • someone who’s feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, constantly angry, depressed, or having relationship problems with co-workers, patients, or family members
  • someone who desires a coach for personal and professional growth, or who wants support in creating and successfully initiating a leadership vision for your organization
  • just not sure if coaching is right for you but wants to talk about how it might be…could be

let’s talk. I’ve been helping people since 1989 and not only from all over the world, but all over the world. I have literally worked with people on every continent save Antarctica. We live in an age of technology, so you never have to go anywhere or do anything elaborate. Whether you’re across town or thousands of miles away, there are no limits.

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The initial consultation is free and there is no further obligation. Sometimes, that single conversation is all you need to see what to do more clearly. And when you send me a note I’ll send you an e-copy of my ten elements that make for an exceptional coach, and how it all works. Go ahead. Call. Fill out the form below and let’s make an appointment. Remember your first fifteen minute consultation is free. Do it now as there is no better time like the present.