We are all the manager of at least one, and I don’t mean yourself!

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Managing others is a skill that is useful to everyone.  Most in the workplace would deem it something meant for those with the title attached to that job.  But the fact is we all manage others all the time.  Every one of us gets predictable responses from most people we have ongoing relationships with.  By doing certain things (saying is doing), or avoiding other behavior, we yield that predictable behavior most of the time.  For that reason, we wind up more responsible for the ways others treat us than we might like to admit…or take responsibility for.

Here, of course, the point is that if we can be more conscious, deliberate and intentional in our own behavior, we can more often get what we want from others.  That would include how we react or respond when we get what we don’t want from them.  For example, do we call attention to it and precipitate an argument?  Do we shoot back something equally distasteful in retort?  Or, do we manage that moment by deciding what makes the most sense for what we want to occur next?

This Blog will spotlight some specific things you can do as a real life manager with a title, and a as a real life manager of your spouse, kids, co-workers and others.  Stay tuned, check often, write me with your thoughts and opinions (I don’t mind the word criticism).  Continuous improvement can only happen, if we continuously evaluate where we already are.

All the very best of what life has to offer, and have a truly positive day!


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