Naked Thinking Training Academy


In my book, Naked Thinking, I take the reader through a journey of understanding what it means to do naked thinking and how to apply it. This Journey also includes vital tools for naked thinking like problem solving, decision making, emotional control, and developing resistance to the pressures of others to abandon your commitment to self-improvement.

There is a simpler way to learn.


But information alone isn’t change. You can learn a great deal and still remain as you are. For most of us, it’s very hard to read about something then motivate ourselves long enough to make a permanent and useful change in our lives. It takes more than knowledge and commitment. It takes understanding and guidance and the motivation to stay with it long enough for it to take hold.


The Naked Thinking Training Academy is a personalized program that unites the concepts in Naked Thinking with you and your personal goals. Over a period of months or weeks (depending on those goals), I teach you the fundamentals of these five critically important arenas: Emotional Control, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Negotiation, and Communicating. As you learn the elements of each you will also learn the underpinning psychology. This gives you more than a simple repertoire of things to do or say. It gives you a full understanding of the “man behind the curtain” which then

Training takes setbacks into account.

empowers you to combine your own experiences and other learning to create a new and better version of these methods that applies to your own unique personality and environment.


We will also use examples in your own world of work or family to practice application, to train you and not just educate you. Personal development requires focused practice and repetition, the same way you need focused practice and repetition to learn to play an instrument or use a paintbrush like an expert and not a novice. The personalized nature of the Naked Thinking Training Academy gives you the chance to learn, implement, evaluate, adjust and modify your talents until they become more than just things you know…they will become real skills.


The Academy is your personalized journey into the power of naked thinking. Naked thinking is far more than a book, it’s a whole new way of understanding and interacting with the world, developing specific skills to up your game, get more done, get along better with the people you love and those you must. It will reduce your stress threshold, increase your confidence and help you be happier. It will open doors you thought were closed to you by showing you, not only that you can do this, but how…and it all starts with a single phone call or note. Call (919) 341-8431, or write me at NakedThinking@Mindspring.Com. Let’s talk. Let’s talk, today.