What Phil’s clients say

Here is what some of the clients who have worked with Phil have to say. Since these are placed by clients in chronological order, you may want to use your “find” feature in your browser or follow the color code to see a specific topic. Some examples might be: CoachingRelationships/MarriageDecision Making, Anxiety, and Depression.

D.W. on May 17, 2022 on issues concerning Anxiety, Relationships/Marriage, family conflicts, parenting issues, and anger management.
Phil has been counselling a long time and it shows in our sessions. He listens intently and gets right down to business providing insight and tools to help me with my personal situation. I’d highly recommend him.
C.A. on May 12, 2022 on issues concerning Relationships/Marriage
Very quick to respond and is honest.
G.E. on Apr 18, 2022 on issues concerning Relationships/Marriage, and self esteem
Excellent as always.
R.E. on Apr 05, 2022  on issues concerning coaching
Phil took time to really listen, analyze, offer insight, and keep me focused. He is very kind, would help redirect my thinking, and suggests measurable goals for change. I would definitely recommend him with confidence.
B.R. on Mar 23, 2022 on issues concerning Relationships/Marriage
Phil is prodigious with his ability to listen and direct conversation in a kind, gentle, and honest manner.
C.R. on Jan 13, 2022 .on issues concerning Relationships/Marriage
Phil’s straightforward yet thoughtful style was of tremendous help for my partner and me to rebuild the trust that we both wanted to regain. Throughout our work together, Phil shared clear and challenging remarks, asked the right questions, and helped us ground our relationship in reality. We are both extremely happy, and feel deeply connected. Thanks, Phil!
L.A. on Jan 07, 2022 on issues concerning Relationships/Marriage
We are still in consultation with Phil but from the few sessions that we have had so far, we can highly recommend Phil for his expertise, sharpness in his observations to drive our discussions in a very constructive way. We both feel grateful to have Phil as our therapist and we have learnt a lot already about ourselves and he helped us to put the right words on some feelings that we have. Thank you, Phil. And we’re looking forward to our next session!
L.I. on Jan 06, 2022 on issues concerning stress, Anxiety, and sleeping disorders
I experienced government funded therapy a few years ago and didn’t get anything from it. I feel Phil offered solutions instead of recommendations to go try other stuff which I received from previous therapy. I was definitely happy with his directness.
M.A. on Nov 24, 2021 on Relationships/Marriage
The greatest!
A.Y. on Nov 23, 2021 on issues concerning Relationships/Marriage
Phil helped me so much through many issues I had in my marriage. He’s funny, patient, and understands the issue quickly. He keeps the sessions light but at the same time, focuses on the important things. I highly recommend him.
B.A. on Nov 8, 2021 on issues concerning depression, family conflicts, grief, eating disorders, sleeping disorders, self esteem, coping with life stresses, and compassion fatigue
What can I say Dr Phil. has become one of my favorite persons. I enjoy our sessions and look forward to speaking with him. I have learned a lot about myself and the people in my life that need to stay or leave. I am looking forward to my better future because of his participation in every session we have had.

I wish Dr. Phil nothing but blessings for him and his loved ones.

G.R. on Nov 07, 2021 on issues concerning depression, stress, Anxiety, Relationships/Marriage,  and coping with life changes
Phil is absolutely incredible. A guardian angel. He completely understood my primary concerns and helped guide me all the way. He is very kind and caring and only wants the best possible outcome. He is confident and smart and cleared out any doubts I had with taking therapy. He also made it clear to me that his goal is for me to no longer need him and wanted to achieve that as soon as possible. I will forever be grateful for Phil’s assistance and would recommend him to anyone who is struggling.
E.L. on Nov 02, 2021 on issues concerning Relationships/Marriage
I love that after the sessions we are given ‘You Tube’ links with information about the psychological factors in what I am going through. Also information to read. Stories to research. All if I want to of course!
L.I. on Jun 28, 2021 on issues concerning stress, anxiety, family conflicts, and self esteem
Phil was very respectful and always had a well thought out and helpful response to whatever problems I presented him with. I would highly recommend him to anyone else who is in need of help, especially in regards to helping people with the ways they perceive themselves.
A.N. on Jun 24, 2021 on issues concerning depression, stress, and anxiety
In only 3 sessions with Phil, he has helped me tremendously. He listens, understands and offers practical solutions. I trust his expertise and would highly recommend him to anyone!
B.R. on Jun 19, 2021on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, self esteem, career difficulties, and Coaching
Phil is an exceptional therapist. He is well versed, extremely articulate, and very compassionate. I like his down to earth style, consistency, and energy.
S.Y. on May 13, 2021 on issues concerning Relationships/Marriage
Dr Phil is a Good listener.
B.E. on Apr 13, 2021 Coaching
Phil is a thorough listener and a great story teller. He relates with realism and history. He guides gently and helps to get you to the understanding you’re looking for. He is a wonderful encourager, and is absolutely one I would recommend.
G.E. on Apr 12, 2021 on issues concerning Relationships/Marriage, and self esteem
Dr. Phil is still amazing! He’s been my counselor for several years now and we have a great rapport and I know I’ll get the advice I need, not what I want to hear! He’s great and has helped me through a lot and I’m very grateful.
C.A. on Jan 22, 2021 on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, Relationships/Marriage, Relationships/Marriage, sleeping disorders, and self esteem
Phil is a wonderful counselor. Helpful and insightful through and through. I was initially nervous about opening up to a new human but Phil made it so easy. He is funny, kind, and I will carry the tools he has given me forever.
Thank you, Phil.


J.E. on Jan 07, 2021 on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, family conflicts, Relationships/Marriage, self esteem, and coping with life changes

Phil knows his stuff! He makes me feel comfortable and open to talking about what’s bothering me.
M.A. on Jan 03, 2021 Coaching
Phil is amazing!
N.I. on Dec 17, 2020 on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, family conflicts, and coping with life changes
Phil was a great therapist and helped me through many things. He listens, understands and provides actionable advice and insights. Thanks Phil!
M.I. on Nov 17, 2020 on issues concerning stress, anxiety, Relationships/Marriage, self esteem, and Coaching
I feel so lucky to have found Phil D’Agostino. His knowledge is so diverse and he supports me on a whole range of topics to improve myself and my decision making. He has helped to raise awareness about myself about things I never thought about before. I look forward to every session and learn new and useful things every time. Thank you Phil for everything!
A.M. on Nov 16, 2020 on issues concerning stress, anxiety, Relationships/Marriage, self esteem, and coping with life changes
Phil helped me a year ago, and I decided to ask for his help again as I trust his expertise and I knew the benefits I would gain from the sessions with him. He listens, he’s very knowledgeable, it’s really easy to talk to him and I can honestly tell that I would learn something and make progress after every single session. The only reason I stopped counseling is because I’m feeling better, but I highly recommend him and I would pick him a third time if I needed therapy again!  Thank you again Phil!
J.O. on Nov 08, 2020 on issues concerning Relationships/Marriage
Our sessions with Phil helped us to communicate better and understand each each other better. It definitely helped us.
H.A. on Nov 01, 2020 on issues concerning Relationships/Marriage, self esteem, and anger management
Thank you Phil for going the extra mile, your support, kindness and humour is some of the best therapy a person could have.
M.I. on Oct 12, 2020 on issues concerning Relationships/Marriage
Phil has been fantastic in helping me and my husband work through some relationship issues. He has a way of getting to the crux of the matter quickly and simplifying what sometimes can feel like complex and/or overwhelming issues. Our communication and understanding have greatly improved and we walk away from our sessions feeling a little more hopeful and confident.
Y.A. on Sep 08, 2020 on issues concerning Relationships/Marriage, self esteem, and coping with life changes
I was a little worried talking to a male therapist . But Dr. Phil was really nice and I look forward to the next call we have. He is really smart .
M.E. on Sep 01, 2020 on issues concerning Relationships/Marriage
Phil is very knowledgeable, understanding and right to the point. It is very obvious and evident that he has had a lot of experience, theory and background in Counseling. He is helping me to see things more clearly. Thanks for what you do.
C.A. on Aug 12, 2020 on issues concerning stress, anxiety, Relationships/Marriage, and parenting issues
I was initially nervous of having a male to talk to, but within minutes Phil put my mind at ease. He is non-judgemental and patient. I really enjoyed his anecdotes which gave me examples of how to use his suggestions/methods. He takes a very practical approach to solving problems and I always feel so much better after talking to him. Thank you so much Phil.
J.A. on Jul 23, 2020 Coaching
Phil is fantastic. I enjoyed every session. Phil is very insightful and challenging.
M.I. on Jul 22, 2020 on issues concerning Relationships/Marriage
Phil is an excellent therapist. He cuts to the core of the issues quickly and acknowledges each party/side of the issue, and the challenges each will likely face in the process. He bases our discussions in reality with practical approaches for real, meaningful, and positive change. We are very happy with our time with Phil!
C.H. on Jul 15, 2020 Coaching
I had several sessions with Dr Phil D’Agostino. He helped to deal with many problems that I had in my life for years. I am really happy that I had the opportunity to have him as my therapist.
M.I. on Jul 13, 2020 on issues concerning stress, anxiety, intimacy-related issues, self esteem, and Coaching
I am extremely impressed with Phil – he is very knowledgeable, super helpful and great to talk to. I felt like I trust him from the first section. He is very fast at understanding your needs and very practical when it comes to solutions. I love talking to him and always look forward to our sessions. I always feel like I learn new things. Strongly recommended!
M.A. on Jun 12, 2020 on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety
When I saw Dr Phil’s profile and reviews, I had high expectations that he would help me with what I was going through. From day 1, his goal was to make sure I didn’t need him as soon as possible. His amazing insights and perspective on things really helped me to the point where within less than 2 months I feel like I got more than I expected. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone who feels they need therapy, and I’ll most certainly go to him if I need help in the future.
A.N. on Jun 02, 2020 on issues concerning Relationships/Marriage, and family conflicts
I have been working with Doctor Phil for a few months, I was in a very upsetting and sad situation and point of life when I started to work with him, however the first time when I was talking to him, I already felt a lot better, as time went by, I feel better and better, and I am not upset any more. He is a really cool person, sharing a lot of useful examples with me and listening to me, I really appreciate for what he did for me, and you are very lucky if you got him as your counselor too, just like me. PS: Thank you so much Doctor Phil, you helped me and made my life better, you are COOL! 🙂
K.Y. on May 25, 2020 Coaching
He helped me greatly, I learned and realized a lot about myself and it was certainly empowering. He showed me a lot of support and care, at the same time told me straightforward for what I had to hear which was really insightful. I feel absolutely blessed to have chosen him to be my counselor.
S.T. on May 13, 2020 on issues concerning stress, anxiety
When I started with Phil I was probably in the worst place I had ever been. I was crippled with anxiety which had seemingly came out of nowhere and I didn’t understand what was going on. Phil gave me insights and an understanding of what was going on with me which I simply couldn’t have gained alone. He was always quick to respond to messages and had a good availability despite the time zone difference. He allowed me to look at things in a completely different light. I would absolutely recommend Phil.
 J.A. on Apr 16, 2020 on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, Relationships/Marriage, family conflicts, parenting issues, self esteem
Phil demonstrates a solid clinical expertise while listening intently and understanding the complexities of mental health with a demonstrated ability to identify the needs of the individual. Recovery is his clearly stated goal. Phil validates and comforts as he challenges me to be proactive with my progress towards healthy living.
M.A. on Apr 14, 2020
I absolutely LOVE Phil, and would be lost without him.
J.A. on Apr 10, 2020 on issues concerning Relationships/Marriage
Phil is very helpful and very real. We enjoy our sessions and in 2 sessions our counselor has presented a strong positive point that has increased understanding in our marriage. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!
S.O. on Apr 07, 2020 on issues concerning stress, anxiety, Relationships/Marriage, anger management, career difficulties, coaching
Phil has been a great asset to my personal and professional growth. I look forward to continue to keep working with him.
T.O. on Mar 25, 2020 on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, Relationships/Marriage
Dr Phil was helpful all through my past sessions. He’s a thoroughbred!
L.U. on Mar 13, 2020 on issues concerning Relationships/Marriage
Phil D’Agostino is not the first counselor I worked with, but he is the first who has really found a way to help me feel better and think more effectively. After having unhelpful experiences with other counselors, I appreciated that he didn’t stop at just listening, but rather he sought to help me recognize where my own thoughts and actions were harming my goals. Of particular help to me was his faith-based experience and knowledge, which enabled him to engage with my problems effectively and proactively. His down-to-earth stories and sense of humor really help with couple’s counseling, which can otherwise seem intimidating. I would recommend him to anyone who is ready to stop being chained to bad habits and move forward, whether as an individual or couple.
N.I. on Feb 13, 2020 on issues concerning stress, anxiety, Relationships/Marriage, intimacy-related issues, self esteem, and coping with life changes
Phil has been great. He’s been online frequently so we were able to chat via messages as and when I’ve been able to. He’s listened and asked the questions I needed to guide my thoughts.
E.R. on Feb 12, 2020 on issues concerning stress, anxiety, family conflicts, self esteem, anger management, and coaching
Phil has been very helpful at making me understand my emotional hang ups and shown me the way out of my dilemmas. He is very pragmatic and to the point which is exactly what I need.
G.E. on Dec 24, 2019  on issues concerning Relationships/Marriage, and self esteem
Amazing, wonderful and caring counselor! I was with “Dr. Phil” as I liked to call him for about two years. He saw me through my ups and downs and some of my downs were very low. But he was always understanding and genuine with his guidance and advice! I cannot believe how far I have come in these past two years and I know I would never have been able to get to this point on my own. I am so happy with where I am in my life as I know that I will be able to continue on a forward and upward path because of Dr. Phil. I highly recommend him and thank him most graciously for all of his work and everything he helped me through.
W.E. on Dec 24, 2019 on issues concerning stress, anxiety, Relationships/Marriage, family conflicts, parenting issues, and bipolar disorder
Phil has been a very helpful sounding board and counselor. He gave me new perspectives on my family situation and the challenges I was facing as a father with my adult son. On several occasions I felt after talking with Phil, “That time spent talking with Phil was more necessary than I thought!” I appreciate also his spirituality as well as his practicality. A healthy balance.” I would definitely recommend Phil.”
D.E. on Nov 18, 2019 Coaching
I found my sessions with Dr Phil to be very helpful indeed. I was able to focus on a number of issues and felt that I was listened to and supported. I feel in a better place to move on with my life and have certainly made a lot of progress. Thank you very much!
A.N. on Oct 31, 2019 on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, self esteem
Phil is great. I highly recommend him. He has a deep understanding of people. He has helped me a lot.
P.A. on Sep 17, 2019 on issues concerning Relationships/Marriage
Phil was a great help! We were at what seemed like a desperate time and he helped us get through it. We learned about better ways to communicate and understand each other. Our marriage has improved in just a few months. Phil is a great listener and counselor. We would recommend him to anyone that needs help!
H.E. on Sep 06, 2019 on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety,  and self esteem.
He is perfect.
T.E. on Sep 03, 2019 on issues concerning Relationships/Marriage and Coaching
Phil is great. He has helped me through a particularly challenging season of life. He listens to me and is very responsive. I appreciate all he has done for me.
A.M. on Aug 26, 2019 on issues concerning stress, anxiety, Relationships/Marriage, self esteem, and coping with life changes
Phil has helped me a lot. He’s actually the best therapist I got to talk to so far. It is easy to talk to him, and he really tried to get to know me and helped me question myself about a couple of elements in my life and not only the one that was the reason why I started counseling in the first place. I would totally recommend him.
K.A. on Aug 23, 2019 on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, Relationships/Marriage, self esteem, anger management, and career difficulties
In just a short month, Phil has propelled my development forward in ways I never thought I’d achieve. He blends encouragement and challenge with my interests at the forefront at all times. Thank you! You’re the best Dr. Phil out there!
K.A. on Aug 22, 2019 on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, self esteem, career difficulties, and coping with life changes
Phil is absolutely fantastic. He’s a great listener and I always leave from my therapy sessions feeling lighter. He is extremely knowledgeable and has a great knack for picking up on how I am feeling and knowing what to say. He also has a great sense of humor and I enjoy the banter we have. This is invaluable to me because it really helps to lighten the tone of the session and helps me to feel more at ease to talk. I really feel that Phil is helping me on my way to understanding myself and being less self-critical. Thank you!

T.H. on Jul 21, 2019 on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, self esteem, career difficulties, and coaching
Phil is a very kind, attentive, smart and funny person. He helped me to do things that were way overdue and that I was very terrified to do. Thank you!

T.I. on Jul 16, 2019 on issues concerning stress, anxiety, Relationships/Marriage, sleeping disorders, and self esteem
It is very unusual for me to write a review but I had to write one based on my amazing experience with Dr Phil. I started my counseling with Dr Phil almost a year ago and it has been an amazing journey from being someone who was in a dark place to being someone who is happy and cheerful again and in a much better place both mentally and physically. He took time to understand me and my problems and worked with me to fix it permanently. He is an ocean of knowledge and offers help based on his experience of so many years. He has logical explanations to every problem that I have shared with him and has helped me with coping mechanism that worked specifically for my personality rather than recommending something that I may not have followed through upon. If you are looking to work on yourself and be happy in the short and long run, you have come to the right place and right person. Dr Phil is everything you want from a counselor.

M.A. on Jan 25, 2019 Coaching
I like what he does. He’s intelligent, has a high emotional IQ, and is understanding.

D.O. on Jan 18, 2019 on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, and family conflicts, self esteem
Phil has been instrumental in helping me feel more in control of my life and navigate various issues over the past several months. He is a patient counselor and provides pragmatic solutions. He also keeps things relatable and is available to answer my many questions. I am grateful for his guidance.

C.A. on Jan 16, 2019 on issues concerning stress, anxiety, sleeping disorders, self esteem, and coaching
I really like Phil as he has the capacity of listening and at the same time takes the really important from everything we say. He is diligent and responds fast and accommodates to my schedule even though I live in Dubai and it’s very different timezone and everything. He is easy to talk with and I feel very comfortable with him. I was lucky you accurately set me with him.

I.V. on Jan 01, 2019 Coaching
Phil was amazing and was a great help for me. Step by step I improved my social life and the attitude to things around me. Since I started counseling with him, I saw improvements in my psyche with every session. He helped to fix relationship with my parents, to improve my motivation and attitude to life and made me going on socialization. Phil is extremely adequate, professional and helpful counselor. The money and time I spent for this counseling didn’t go to waste – to say lightly. I highly recommend him. All the best to him and you.

C.H. on Dec 16, 2018 Coaching
A wonderful coach and council who has excellent insight and a calming manner. Thank you for the advice which gave me the clarity I needed. I highly recommend Phil D’Agostino.

J.A. on Dec 04, 2018 Coaching
Phil took me from being completely at a loss in terms of my goals, life direction, meaning, anxiety and confidence and in just ten sessions deconstructed and advised on all major facets of my life, and provided me with the tools and wisdom to move forward from the psychological crossroads I’d been stuck at for the last two years. He’s funny, knowledgeable and a great counselor, highly recommend. A truly transformative experience and I will be forever grateful.

D.A. on Nov 28, 2018 on issues concerning depression, anxiety and decision making 
Talking with Phil has been very beneficial. He is knowledgeable and has good insight into different life struggles and ways to deal with them. I was given coping skills and walked through how to use them. Recommended.

R.E. on Nov 28, 2018 on issues concerning Relationships/Marriage, and sleeping disorders
Phil is an excellent counselor who helped me better through a tough time. He gave me the tools to make my own decision and find out what I really want from my marriage. Highly recommend.

A.N. on Nov 21, 2018 on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, Relationship/Marriage, and self esteem
He is the best counselor.

G.E. on Oct 09, 2018 on issues concerning Relationships/Marriage, and self esteem
Dr. Phil is very accommodating to my situation and is very approachable about anything that is on my mind! He is professional, kind and capable of humor when needed. He listens to my concerns/issues and always offers knowledgeable advice. He is non judgmental and kind…which I like the most.

K.I. on Oct 08, 2018 on issues concerning Marriage/Relationship, and behavior change
Phil has been very helpful in listening and giving feedback that helps me examine my thinking. His techniques have worked when I’ve applied them. I would recommend Phil to anyone who needs encouragement, a listening ear and a caring heart, as well as an experienced counselor who will give you much food for thought.

M.I. on Sep 29, 2018 on issues concerning stress, anxiety, relationship issues, family conflicts, parenting issues, self esteem, and anger management
He quickly helps you get down to the core issues, and helps you put things in perspective. Very easy to talk to straight forward advice. His book NAKED THINKING also has great tools that really make you dig deep and think about your core values and what’s important within the first 50 pages it allowed me to better understand my situation and struggles.

B.R. on Sep 17, 2018 on issues concerning Relationships/Marriage
I like Phil a lot. He is very funny, engaging, and insightful. But it does not end there. He will do all he can to fit into your schedule and time and make the most of it. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeing these reviews.

A.S. on Sep 12, 2018 on issues concerning Relationships/Marriage
He is an excellent counselor.

O.L. on Aug 07, 2018 on issues concerning Depression.
Phil is positive and funny, and very good at explaining the rationale behind techniques to manage emotions. I have come away with a work plan that I can put into place every day, to stop myself slipping, and I feel far more positive about my future. I’m enormously grateful.

J.O. on Aug 01, 2018 on issues concerning stress, anxiety, relationship/family
Phil is an experienced and competent counselor. If you’re looking for an approach along the lines of Carl Rogers’ unconditional positive regard, Phil is a good choice.

B.E. on Jul 18, 2018 on issues concerning stress, anxiety, decision making, and career Coaching
My time with Phil was hugely beneficial for both my mental health, as well as some of the largest and most difficult life decisions I had struggled immensely with approaching and overcoming. Phil worked with me to develop patient-centered plans based on my values and my priorities and for that, I am forever indebted to him. Following these large decisions and 1 year later, I can confidently say that I have found a new and much more fulfilling life.

C.H. on Jul 02, 2018 on issues concerning stress, anxiety, relationships, intimacy-related, eating, and anger
I’ve done talk therapy for many, many years, but doing CBT with Phil has made a big difference in how I handle my anger. He is patient, understands my issues, and has helped my partner and me reduce our fights (we are now doing couples therapy with him). Phil is the only therapist that’s been able to give my partner and me successful tools to draw on.

A.T. on Jun 21, 2018 –Coaching
Phil has been a great listener to me! He offers me invaluable and objective advice to help me navigate my issues / the situation! Many thanks to him!! Highly recommended.

D.A. on Jun 08, 2018 – Coaching
Phil is amazing. I love his diversity and he brings all of that to the table and in the advice he gives. Its a welcomed change and great approach from the more traditional types of counseling. I wouldn’t be hesitant to recommend him to anybody including those in the social services fields.

A.W. on Jun 08, 2018-on issues concerning depression, stressanxietyRelationships/Marriage, and self esteem
Phil is fun and laid back. He’s good at offering advice without being pushy. He listens and doesn’t judge.

T.A. on Jun 07, 2018 – Coaching
Phil is very respectful and understanding. He helped me sort my issues in a short time. Strongly recommend him to anyone who needs help.

D.I. on Jun 06, 2018-on issues concerning Relationships/Marriage
Phil is a very level-headed, down-to-earth, counselor, who has the ability to eliminate the periphery and shine light on the root of the problem, in a very efficient manner. We very much appreciated his sense of humor, and, if the need arises, we will seek his help again.

S.A. on Jun 01, 2018-on issues concerning decision making
Phil is an excellent counselor. Throughout phone conversations, he was quickly able to understand my issues and provide sound and evidence based counseling. He is a very good listener, and his genuine and warm demeanor make him very easy to speak with. Additionally, it is apparent that he has many years of strong experience. He helped me through some important decisions and I am grateful. Highly recommend Phil.

D.E. on May 31, 2018-on issues concerning decision making and anxiety
Mr. D’Agostino has the ability to guide and support clients easily toward healthy living and better choices. He is patient and extremely bright. My anxiety level has significantly lessened. I frequently pick up his book (Naked Thinking–Your essential handbook to effectively tame your emotions, focus your thinking, and make better decisions) and read a chapter or two when I’m struggling with decisions. I highly recommend him to anyone who struggles with anxiety.

S.T. on May 19, 2018-on issues concerning decision making and empowerment
Thank you Phil. What you’ve said is the most empowering thing ANYONE has said to me, in a VERY long time. I am immeasurably grateful to you for providing me with some solid advice, and giving me the strength to go out and find myself, and socialize with like-minded people.

G.I. on May 17, 2018 – Coaching
Phil helped me to better understand and overcome a professional/career issue I needed help with. He was very responsive and always professional and understanding. Thanks to his valuable insights I could work out the issue much faster than I would have expected. I would recommend Phil to anyone!

T.E. on May 12, 2018-on issues concerning decision making and anxiety
Phil was a huge help! I cannot thank him enough for helping me through a very tough season of my life. I highly recommend him.

T.D. on May 09, 2018 – Coaching and anxiety
Phil, I really really appreciate our time together. You’ve have helped me more than you will ever know. I hope our paths cross again at some point in the future. Thanks again!

H.A. on Apr 21, 2018-on issues concerning Relationships/Marriage, self-esteem, and anger
Phil has really helped me overcome some issues and listens to me, offers me a safe space to offload and get good advice. I would highly recommend Phil to anyone.

A.D. on Apr 14, 2018-on issues concerning depression, stress, anxietyRelationships/Marriage, and self esteem
Phil is the best. At a time when I felt terrible he took the time just to listen to me which I appreciated so much and it showed me he cares. He knows a lot and he’s so empathetic and understanding too. He asks really great questions that make you think and help you understand things about yourself.

C.H. on Apr 11, 2018-on issues concerning Relationships/Marriage
Phil is straight to the point. He cares and also knows how to not waste time getting down to what the bottom line is for moving forward. He is candid and frank sincere and authentic. I appreciate his approach very much.

K.I. on Mar 21, 2018 – Coaching
Awesome. Helped me from the minute we spoke.

L.A. on Mar 09, 2018-on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, family, and self esteem.
I would highly recommend Phil! He helped me to get through some tough family and behavioural [sic] issues I had been struggling with for years. He helped me to set goals for myself and make great progress throughout my therapy!

J.O. on Mar 01, 2018 – Coaching
Very responsive, knowledgeable, and he seems to really care.

B.A. on Jan 18, 2018-on issues concerning Relationships/Marriage, family, and intimacy-related.
Phil has been helping me a lot for the past month. I came to him having big problems with my relationships and family’s traumas. He first made me feel that I’m normal and then helped me to figure out how to get over it. I really appreciate the effort. Phil is a good listener who remembers what you told him and also links the events together in order to figure out the best solution for you.
Thanks Phil for being there always!

G.E. on Jan 17, 2018-on issues concerning Relationships/Marriage, and self esteem.
Extremely responsive and fits my personality style so our sessions are extremely informative and helpful but have also been humorous and insightful. Very happy with him! Thank you!

P.A. on Jan 15, 2018-on issues concerning Relationships/Marriage, and parenting.
Phil was very easy to talk to and helped me through some of the struggles I was facing at the moment. I was comfortable expressing my challenges and telling him personal issues I was dealing with. He listened and helped me work through my problems. I would recommend Phil and would even reach out to him again myself if needed.

M.A. on Jan 12, 2018 – Coaching
In our first session Phil was able to identify so many points that we can work on in addition to that pick up on my strengths and encourage me.

K.A. on Jan 11, 2018 – Coaching
Phil was great I really would like to leave him a good review as he helped me a lot in such a short time.

J.E. on Jan 11, 2018-on issues concerning stressanxiety, Relationships/Marriage, sleeping, and career.
Phil has read all the books, knows all the theory, has all the techniques… but the very best thing about him is that he is a kind and compassionate human being who genuinely wants the best for those he counsels. He is patient and completely non-judgmental, with a cheerfulness that is infectious even in the darkest hours! I am so very grateful to have been matched with him.

D.A. on Jan 10, 2018-on issues of marriage, family and Relationships/Marriage
Phil was very thorough in our video chat and has been checking in regularly. He seems to genuinely care for our family.

W.E. on Jan 02, 2018-on issues concerning stress, anxiety, family, and anger.
Phil takes a very practical approach to problem solving. I commend him for focusing on how to change unwanted behavior instead of dwelling on the past issues that may have led to the unwanted behavior.

C.I. on Dec 07, 2017-on issues concerning depression, and self esteem.
Phil is incredibly responsive and helpful. He reached out to me within 12 hours of being assigned to me as a counselor. Within 5 days, we have already been through two sessions and made progress. I really appreciate all his help and his knowledge in different psychological treatment theories that he kindly shared with me.

R.O. on Nov 28, 2017 – Coaching
I thank you for this wonderful man who has helped me a great deal. Thank you so much, Phil- I will not forget you. God bless you, my friend.

L.A. on Nov 07, 2017 – Coaching
Phil is great! I have benefited greatly from his care!

D.A. on Oct 30, 2017-on issues concerning Relationships/Marriage.
Phil has been a great mediator for my husband and I. He’s a good listener and very clear with his thoughts and words. So far I any very happy with his services and my money had been well spent. I highly recommend him.

N.O. on Oct 26, 2017-on issues concerning Relationships/Marriage.
Phil is very down to earth, shows humor, and very understanding. He is easy to speak with, non-judgmental, listens, and offers his views.

C.A. on Oct 23, 2017-on issues concerning Relationships/Marriage.
Phil is wonderful!

X.A. on Oct 03, 2017-on issues concerning Relationships/Marriage.
Phil is very level headed and easy to talk to. He’ll talk about his family, about his own challenges, and you can just tell he’s a genuine and authentic person. He’s patient and willing to just listen if needed. He always pauses afterwards and makes sure you are heard. His responses show me that he’s really hearing what I’m saying and not just nodding his head. He’s very good at coming up with practical solutions. He’s also astute and he’s good at reading you, even over the phone. I was very impressed in just the short time that I spent with him. He responds quickly to questions and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a practical and straight forward counselor.

T.Y. on Sep 29, 2017 – Coaching
Phil is fantastic, he helped me get through some things that had been bothering me for a long time. He is great at helping challenge preconceptions I have and didn’t even realize it and look at things in novel ways. Would recommend him for anyone trying to get a better handle on life’s ups and downs!

E.M. on Sep 29, 2017 on issues concerning Relationships/Marriage, self esteem, and anger.
Counseling with Dr. Phil is a breath of fresh air. He gets right down to teaching skills, which has been very beneficial for me. He has an extensive background and offers insights and suggestions that I have never had other therapist offer, and they work! He’s also funny and enjoyable to talk to.

C.E. on Sep 27, 2017 on Relationships/Marriage
We Appreciate Phil’s time in helping us, he has been of great benefit to us and I would recommend his therapy to others.

K.I. on Sep 26, 2017 – Coaching
I believe that Phil is very well educated when it comes to helping people cope/manage their emotions and behavior. He provides the steps and initiatives that need to be taken in order for the individual to slowly start breaking down the barrier that is holding them hostage/captive. He can also provide great scientific and psychological facts in order for the person to gain a clearer understanding of the current dilemma they are facing.

M.A. on Sep 15, 2017-on issues concerning Relationships/Marriage, and family.
Phil is an insightful counselor. He listens carefully, analyzes the situation and gives substantive suggestions. He asks good questions and helps the client to self discover of course. I would recommend him highly. He also cares a lot.

C.H. on Jul 28, 2017 – Coaching
Phil was a great help when I was in a pretty dark place. I really appreciated his direct manner, honesty and suggestions for positive steps to take to change things for the better. A really good experience all round.

M.O. on Jul 01, 2017-on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, and Relationships/Marriage.
Phil is an extremely experienced and professional counsellor who is a subject matter expert in his field. The author of a successful book ‘naked thinking’, he can relate to situations and tap into people’s thinking patterns and emotional energies and offer great advice in terms of controlling outward behavioral patterns and also insight into the thinking process of his patients. Highly recommend him.

P.A. on Jun 15, 2017-on issues concerning depression, stress, anxietyRelationships/Marriage, and family.
I felt Dr. Phil understood what I needed quickly and got right to the point. He gave me tools and suggested readings that were very helpful and assignments that kept me focused on the goal.