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I believe that when it comes to being depressed, anxious/fearful, or if you are having real problems in your relationship, you want relief and you want it as soon as you can get it. People don’t seek a counselor to talk, they go to find a way to feel better, be better and never need you again as soon as possible. That’s why I use the methods and principles normally associated with Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), or Brief Therapy.

My training was first as a scientist and science educator. Dealing with people from all walks of life, I came to realize we are far more alike than we are different and that we are all susceptible to being depressed, anxious and having relationship difficulties. I trained in hypnosis to help with obsessive thinking and behavior change (like smoking, overeating, social and other anxieties, etc.), and to become a psychological counselor through the UNC-G graduate studies program.

In all that time (beginning to help others in 1989) I came to find that the fastest way to get your life back is to employ the principles and strategies studied and described as CBT. Whatever you call it (several names can be applied), taking a more practical, here-and-now approach with understanding what your problems are and creating a plan of action to make them better is the most direct and most successful way to make things better. It places the power of control and to heal right in the hand of the individual, not a therapist, not a drug…you.

We all know that it isn’t always easy. And being realistic means we acknowledge that sometimes it can be mighty tough. The wonderful part of it is that with the right therapist, this approach is tested and proven to work. And, this approach gives you a real reason to hope and be encouraged that, while it might take some time, you can get better.

After years of practice, the passion to help others translated into my authorship of nearly two dozen training courses in subjects like gaining emotional control, resolving conflicts, dealing with people that are very hard to deal with, leadership, management, and others. I also authored Ready Access CBT for Working Professionals (Lorman Education) to share what I know with other therapists, and my book, Naked Thinking, to bring these principles to the public.

I focus my help for those who are suffering with depression and anxiety problems (which can include transitional issues like loss of a job, a relationship, speaking up for yourself, speaking to groups or just your boss, etc.) and relationship problems (which can include marital and couples problems, work and co-worker issues, etc.)

I’ve had clients from all over the world through the use of technology such as computer calls, video calls and even chat and email. Don’t let anything stop you from being happy and all you can be. It all starts with a call or an email note to Phil@NakedThinking.Com.


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