Training Classes

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Over the many years of my experience, I have helped hundreds of companies to improve the way people work together to get the most effective use of their talents. People come to work educated in their trade or job and then receive further and more specialized training for their specific duties. What few are trained to do is work well with others to gain the most from what skills they bring.

Managing others and leadership are critical elements for effective work. A common problem is that many talented people show themselves as great team players and dedicated to their job only to be promoted without the preparation needed to succeed in their new role. They are sincere and want to do well but are unprepared to take on the associated responsibilities that are expected.

I have written and field-tested programs to empower your managers and those in other types of leadership roles to be their best and help other succeed to their greatest potential. These programs would include classes dedicated to: management and supervision, Visionary leadership, creating a more positive work environment and others.

But a great working environment goes beyond the management team. Employees and team members also need the skills needed to work together and get past things that interfere with their work. Here again, over the years I have developed empowering classes that address the most often found obstacle to your team members’ being their best. They include classes for: emotional control and remaining focused, conflict resolution, creative thinking and problem-solving, negotiating with co-workers and management, and how to communicate more effectively.

These classes are based on the latest findings in research and experience gained from many years of consulting with companies of all types including military, government, and law enforcement, as well as private industries. Give your employees the best possible advantage at being their best. Call (919) 341-8431 or write me at Phil@NakedThinking.Com and let’s discuss your specific situation and vision for your team’s success.