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L.A. on Mar 09, 2018 after counseling with Phil for 1 month on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, family, and self esteem.
I would highly recommend Phil! He helped me to get through some tough family and behavioural issues I had been struggling with for years. He helped me to set goals for myself and make great progress throughout my therapy!

A great coach or therapist can re-ignite your sense of personal power...really!
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J.O. on Mar 01, 2018
Very responsive, knowledgeable, and he seems to really care.

B.A. on Jan 18, 2018-on issues concerning relationship, family, and intimacy-related.
Phil has been helping me a lot for the past month. I came to him having big problems with my relationships and family’s traumas. He first made me feel that I’m normal and then helped me to figure out how to get over it. I really appreciate the effort. Phil is a good listener who remembers what you told him and also links the events together in order to figure out the best solution for you.
Thanks Phil for being there always!

G.E. on Jan 17, 2018-on issues concerning relationship, and self esteem.
Extremely responsive and fits my personality style so our sessions are extremely informative and helpful but have also been humorous and insightful. Very happy with him! Thank you!

P.A. on Jan 15, 2018-on issues concerning relationship, and parenting.
Phil was very easy to talk to and helped me through some of the struggles I was facing at the moment. I was comfortable expressing my challenges and telling him personal issues I was dealing with. He listened and helped me work through my problems. I would recommend Phil and would even reach out to him again myself if needed.

M.A. on Jan 12, 2018
In our first session Phil was able to identify so many points that we can work on in addition to that pick up on my strengths and encourage me.

K.A. on Jan 11, 2018
Phil was great I really would like to leave him a good review as he helped me a lot in such a short time.

J.E. on Jan 11, 2018-on issues concerning stress, anxiety, relationship, sleeping, and career.
Phil has written all the books, knows all the theory, has all the techniques… but the very best thing about him is that he is a kind and compassionate human being who genuinely wants the best for those he counsels. He is patient and completely non-judgmental, with a cheerfulness that is infectious even in the darkest hours! I am so very grateful to have been matched with him.

D.A. on Jan 10, 2018
Phil was very thorough in our video chat and has been checking in regularly. He seems to genuinely care for our family.

W.E. on Jan 02, 2018-on issues concerning stress, anxiety, family, and anger.
Phil takes a very practical approach to problem solving. I commend him for focusing on how to change unwanted behavior instead of dwelling on the past issues that may have led to the unwanted behavior.

C.I. on Dec 07, 2017-on issues concerning depression, and self esteem.
Phil is incredibly responsive and helpful. He reached out to me within 12 hours of being assigned to me as a counselor. Within 5 days, we have already been through two sessions and made progress. I really appreciate all his help and his knowledge in different psychological treatment theories that he kindly shared with me.

R.O. on Nov 28, 2017
I thank you for this wonderful man who has helped me a great deal. Thank you so much, Phil- I will not forget you. God bless you my friend.

L.A. on Nov 07, 2017
Phil is great! I have benefited greatly from his care!

D.A. on Oct 30, 2017-on issues concerning relationship.
Phil has been a great mediator for my husband and I. He’s a good listener and very clear with his thoughts and words. So far I any very happy with his services and my money had been well spent. I highly recommend him.

N.O. on Oct 26, 2017-on issues concerning relationship.
Phil is very down to earth, shows humor, and very understanding. He is easy to speak with, non-judgmental, listens, and offers his views.

C.A. on Oct 23, 2017-on issues concerning relationship.
Phil is wonderful!

X.A. on Oct 03, 2017-on issues concerning relationship.
Phil is very level headed and easy to talk to. He’ll talk about his family, about his own challenges, and you can just tell he’s a genuine and authentic person. He’s patient and willing to just listen if needed. He always pauses afterwards and makes sure you are heard. His responses show me that he’s really hearing what I’m saying and not just nodding his head. He’s very good at coming up with practical solutions. He’s also astute and he’s good at reading you, even over the phone. I was very impressed in just the short time that I spent with him. He responds quickly to questions and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a practical and straight forward counselor.

T.Y. on Sep 29, 2017
Phil is fantastic, he helped me get through some things that had been bothering me for a long time. He is great at helping challenge preconceptions I have and didn’t even realize it and look at things in novel ways. Would recommend him for anyone trying to get a better handle on life ups and downs!

E.M. on Sep 29, 2017-on issues concerning relationship, self esteem, and anger.
Counseling with Dr. Phil is a breath of fresh air. He gets right down to teaching skills, which has been very beneficial for me. He has an extensive background and offers insights and suggestions that I have never had other therapist offer, and they work! He’s also funny and enjoyable to talk to.

C.E. on Sep 27, 2017
We Appreciate Phil’s time in helping us, he has been of great benefit to us and I would recommend his therapy to others.

K.I. on Sep 26, 2017
I believe that Phil is very well educated when it comes to helping people cope/manage their emotions and behavior. He provides the steps and initiatives that need to be taken in order for the individual to slowly start breaking down the barrier that is holding them hostage/captive. He can also provide great scientific and psychological facts in order for the person to gain a clearer understanding of the current dilemma they are facing. He offers biblical wisdom for those who believe that their battle may be spiritual as well.

M.A. on Sep 15, 2017-on issues concerning relationship, and family.
Phil is an insightful counselor. He listens carefully, analyzes the situation and gives substantive suggestions. He asks good questions and helps the client to self discover of course. I would recommend him highly. He also cares a lot.

C.H. on Jul 28, 2017
Phil was a great help when I was in a pretty dark place. I really appreciated his direct manner, honesty and suggestions for positive steps to take to change things for the better. A really good experience all round.

M.O. on Jul 01, 2017-on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, and relationship.
Phil is an extremely experienced and professional counsellor who is a subject matter expert in his field. The author of a successful book ‘naked thinking’, he can relate to situations and tap into people’s thinking patterns and emotional energies and offer great advice in terms of controlling outward behavioral patterns and also insight into the thinking process of his patients. Highly recommend him.

P.A. on Jun 15, 2017-on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, relationship, and family.
I felt Dr. Phil understood what I needed quickly and got right to the point. He gave me tools and suggested readings that were very helpful and assignments that kept me focused on the goal.