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Every group of people working together needs two categories of skills in order to get the job done. The first category is that which contains all the elements of what the job entails. For example, if you’re work is building a

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house, then these skills would include things like carpentry, plumbing, HVAC, etc. These skills are essential for doing each of the subparts that will eventually come together to create a finished product or service.


The other category is what may be called people skills. These skills are those that help each employee work together yielding a synergy that working alone doesn’t produce. Many times, the effectiveness of a group is diminished, if not crippled, by things that take place between and among those in the group.


Some of the interpersonal obstacles are:

  • Inability to address and resolve real or imagined conflicts between co-workers/team-members
  • Being ineffective in communicating your ideas and clearly understanding expectations
  • Petty or unrelated interpersonal issues creating emotions-based activity resulting from anger, resentment, revenge and others
  • Having a more formalized method for problem solving and decision making that each member knows and can use alone and within the group
  • An imbalance of power within the group often created by one member’s being better able to negotiate their positions while others remain frustrated and feeling less important or taken less seriously


It starts in the classroom.

These and other obstacles to better work relationships, are unrelated to the work product but are key elements for creating the best working environment for the work to take place.

Do you want to make your good working environment even better, or find ways to improve one that is performing at a level lower than you know it can? Let’s talk.

We will discuss with you your vision of what your ideal would look like and how it is different today. Then, we’ll put together a variety of training modules that will help your people be all they can be. All it takes is a call. Contact us through the form below, or at NakedThinking@Mindspring.Com, or at 919-341-8431. Go ahead and let’s talk. The initial consultation is free and there’s no obligation.